Top Five Things To Look For In A Furniture Store

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Through the pandemic, people spent more time indoors because of the new rules forcing them to work from home. While they are not spending a lot of their money on large purchases, they were open to spending on smaller ones when they needed them to get their work done. Some were renovating small portions of their homes to turn them into smaller offices where they could make a difference, while others were changing the look by either painting or changing their furniture.

When it comes to picking the right furniture, you have to make sure you know what you are getting into. There are various aspects of the process you have to consider so everyone understands how the project is going to turn out. Many clients that we were working with would ask us if we had any advice on what they should pick so we created this list and shared it with them so they had a process that they could get through. Here are some pointers that we would advise them to get through. 

1. Quality of craftsmanship and product 
How are the pieces made, and how will they withstand wear and tear for everyday living with children and pets? You want to make sure that the quality matches your requirements. You should be working with equipment that does the job and is long-lasting. Additionally, you want to make sure that it meets your requirements and matches your room and house. There are various price ranges where you can find the products you are looking for, and you want to make sure that you find the right one. Don’t invest more than you can afford or spend too little because you might have to change it soon. Additionally, you want to see how functional the piece of furniture for your space and lifestyle is another question that you should be asking yourself.

2. Where it is made
Canadian Made is important to keep work at home, within the country, supporting local businesses and manufacturers. However, depending on your requirements, we can source products from various other places and find the best ones to meet your budget. We have a conversation with our clients and understand their needs before any suggestions. Depending on their budgets and requirements, we come up with options that make sense to them.

3. Material used
The different companies that work on furniture would use various forms of solid wood built to last a lifetime instead of MDF, particle boards, or veneers. Other options might not be as tough or get through the process so we can work on those as well. We also learned that most people who were renting out homes or apartments during the pandemic preferred getting furniture that would not last long and were open to changing it when they were moving to another place.

4. Knowledge
You should ask the person you are purchasing how much they know about the products they are selling. How knowledgeable is the provider in the quality and construction of the product made and sold to consumers? They should know about where it came from and how long it would last. Different woodworks differ and even can be polished with different colors that would bring out their look. So should feel like the person you are talking to knows what they are getting through and can get through the process. 

5. Current with styles, trends and colors
If you are working on getting large furniture like a center table for the study or a bed for the room, you should have a professional check out the house so they can make a more informed decision. They would be able to pick the correct colors and give you the information you need to match the overall look of the house, the style of the room, and more. Some houses follow a classical style, others prefer gothic, and there are many variations that people choose from with the decorator assisting with picking furniture, so everything matches and works well in the future.

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